April 4, 2018

Processing Guidelines

Our Processing Guidelines

We are striving to prevent bacterial contamination of processed poultry. You can help us by observing the following.

Preslaughter Guidelines

Feed must be withdrawn from all poultry to be processed. However, it is important that you allow your poultry access to water until you catch them for transport. • Pastured poultry must be removed from pasture no less than 24 hours prior to slaughter. •Remove access to feed no less than 15 hours prior to slaughter. •We recommend that you catch your birds after dark.

Transporting Your Poultry

We expect that you will transport your poultry in a clean, humane manner. •Our preferred method to receive your birds is in chicken coops. We do have loaner coops available for a fee. We also allow the use of a livestock trailer for transport but expect you to help unload the birds. • Do not overcrowd your coops or trailer; be certain your birds have adequate ventilation and protection from wind exposure. Heat stress and crowding can kill poultry during transit!

At The Processing Plant

Our unloading area is behind the poultry plant opposite from the road. Our personnel will meet you there to help unload your poultry. We will also give you an estimated pick-up time. Come to the front office to pay for processing prior to loading your product. We require clean clothing and footwear in the office and product loadout area. We suggest you bring coolers to transport the finished product. We provide ice for sale to chill your product on your return trip if necessary. We also have boxes available for purchase.

We recommend scheduling 3 weeks prior to the processing date.
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